The difference is that we address your entire brief while considering peripheral implications of any proposed office refurbishment from an experienced workplace interior designer’s perspective – not a salesmen’s. This is done in house – by the same people that meet you and listen to your requirements in the first place. It’s a REFRESHING approach in the workplace fit-out / refurbishment industry and one our clients welcome.

Approved designs for your office refurbishment become agreed specifications which are in turn translated into ITEMISED QUOTES with options. This presents you with choices where upon you can add or omit items to manipulate your budget while impacting upon the physical end result. Our clients are very COMFORTABLE with this common sense design – specification driven process.

Whether your growing or consolidating as a business we make it our initial goal to understand YOUR PRIORITIES first. No two D&S clients are the same and we approach each new project with an open mind ready to listen not dictate. Using our skills, experience and knowledge in the workplace interiors environment we produce tailor made projects that address your ambitions while taking into account the smaller details. A well designed and specified workplace interior can be interpreted at most cost points. Don’t be fooled into thinking the only good design will be an expensive one.  Great, coherent & intuitive office design can often be interpreted using the most basic of materials and product. Challenging budgets handled by clever design are sometimes what set us apart from many of our competitors.

It is often important for business’s to make a good first impression, retain and attract good employees. These are factors we can deliver for you in a way that suits YOUR STYLE and attitude and REFLECTS YOUR PRIORITIES. Contact us for an informal chat  – we’re here to help.