Our clients know they have optimised their options & realised a project through learning, development and choice provided by D&S. Past clients will often recommend D&S and often return to us for the development of future projects as well as their on going requirements. Recommendation and referral are our main source of business  – we do not have office furniture salesmen or women or a catalogue of preferred suppliers. All the best product designers and manufacturers are within access to you either via ourselves as a registered dealer – passing on great discounts to you or simple by outsourcing those ‘special’ components you have you eye on.

Key to all planned projects is the REALISATION stage. At Design and Specify Ltd we know that the best way to deliver a project on site is to involve the designer, – who better to handle questions and queries on site and handle small changes that you may require. Of course that designer will be either Sarah Rushton or Duncan Horner – experienced, professional and adaptable. As lead designers it is the directors & co. owners of D&S that will look after you personally. This saves time & money actually – two resources valuable to all of us on and off site!

You receive a programme of works which ITEMISES all aspects of the work to be undertaken from start to completion. This exactly reflects your ITEMISED quotation. Sub contractors and manufacturers are named – TRANSPARENCY is helpful and underpins the TRUST and VALUE we establish with each other. Depending upon the size of the project you may also have a dedicated full time on site manager. Method and risk assessments are provided by all parties and inductions undertaken to comply with your own HEALTH & SAFETY on site policies.

Projects can take many months of internal and external planning to become reality. Talk to us as early on in the process as possible so that we may help and advise you through evaluations and any tender process.